Monday, January 28, 2008

Isn't She Lovely !

My baby (actually she is my oldest, my 1st baby) went to a Homeschool Winter Formal! She was 1 out of 18 from our co-op that went. They all went as a group and had a blast. No pressure of having to have a "date". However she did dance with a young man named Tyler who is also from our co-op. They have been emailing ever since. He is a nice young man. Well enjoy the pictures ! They grow up too fast !

This is Holli and her BFF Becca.


Unknown said...

They do grow up too fast!!! Becca has had some email of her own since the formal. It is tough to get a break on the computer unless I get up at 5:30 am before anyone else is stirring. :)
Perhaps it is time to get some more computers in the house??? That was such a fun time...
THELMA...when are we going to get out to the movies again? LOL

Patty said...

Yes she is! Brace yourself for the time she will drive, your whole life will change. LOL!
I love the dress, very pretty.