Sunday, February 3, 2008

Can God Speak Thru A TV Commercial ?

Can God speak thru TV commercials? God can do anything so I suppose He can use commercials if He so chooses. Well let me expound. I of course at the moment I am typing this am watching the Super Bowl. (Go Eli, make your Mama proud !!!)
Anyway back to the original post. After continuous battle with the enemy, I must say I am tired, actually sick and tired. But anyway……I digress….So as I was watching the commercials there was one that came on that cracked me up !! So much so that I had to call my BFF Patty to “get a witness” You may have seen it. It was an advertisement for a certain company that helps people find jobs. There was a young lady sitting at her desk not looking very happy and in another room was what appeared to be her “jerk” of a boss. He was sitting at his desk doing nothing and laughing. Back in the room with the young lady her heart jumped out of her chest. It landed on her keyboard and then proceeded to march into the bosses’ office and jumped up on his desk and held up a sign that said “I QUIT !! The heart then turned around and walked out of the building. The caption…..Follow your heart !!!!! A sign from God? hmmmmmmmmmmm
Then there was another commercial that had a certain triangular shaped chip. A guy took a small piece of the chip and placed it on a mousetrap. He then grabbed a chair and his big bag of chips and sat in front of the mouse hole and waited. While waiting he took a chip out of the bag and chomped down on it. All of a sudden a HUGE mouse busted out of the wall, tackled the man and proceeded to beat the living daylights out of him! My middle daughter profoundly stated “Hey that is like God and the devil. The devil sets a little trap and God busts out, jumps over satan’s trap and then throws the enemy down on the ground and beats him up !!” That was exactly what I needed to hear.
Ok God now I sit here waiting to see if I should “follow my heart” or is the enemy defeated. My heart is not happy and it wants to hit the bricks!
Before you all make your spiritual comments let me say ….I know the enemy is ultimately defeated. I know that if I follow my heart I have to first make sure it is in line with God’s will. So no worries I just needed to vent.




Patty said...

Vent on girlfriend!!! God knew we needed a laugh tonight! If you hit the bricks the enemy still needs to be defeated in this case. Saying whether or not you are there or not. ;o)
It's okay to vent and let it all out because I know you will follow God's will!!!

Unknown said...

My heart quits every Wed. nite. If it wasn't for getting together with all my "peeps" on Thursday morning, I might quit altogether. And yes, when that persnickity boss (or bosses) wants us to quit we have to remember that God is gonna bust thru that wall and beat the living daylights out of our enemy. That is truly like water to the soul! I am glad to know I am not alone in how I feel some days. I love you too much!