Friday, April 25, 2008

GodStop Friday !

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This is a Major God Stop !! My husband has served at our current church for 10 years. There are some wonderful people in the church and they wanted to bless my husband for his faithful service and also for his birthday. The Personnel Team collected money and purchased him this car ! It is a 2004 Chevrolet Malibu. It is beautiful and such a great blessing. My husband had a little Blue 1989 Dodge Ram Pickup truck that he and he loved his little truck. He faithfully drove it everyday. It did not have AC but he drove it anyway and just rolled down the windows. There is a boy in our church that has special needs. He is precious and also a handful. He loved George's truck ! He always asked George if he drove his truck. He always wanted to ride in the truck. So his Grandfather asked George if he could buy the truck for his grandson. We really were not looking to sell it but were glad for this gentleman to have it for his grandson.

This picture is of my middle daughter. She plays the guitar. She has been saving to buy an Electric Guitar. On Monday we were at a local amusement park with our Homeschool Group and Lydia said "Dad I found this money laying on the ground." She started counting it and it was over $50. My husband told her she should turn it in. She agreed and turned it in. The employee told her that if no one claimed it by the time the park closed that it would be hers. Well guess one claimed it so Lydia had a major God Stop and gave God the glory for her blessing.
Our family is truly grateful to God and to his wonderful people that seek to honor him and bless others ! Thank you Father !


Cindy said...


That is an Awsome, Awsome, Awsome, Godstop for both you and lydia. I know after everything that those things must truly feel like a wonderful blessing to you. God works in mysterious ways and he certainly did that for your family this week. God Bless!!!
Love Ya

Patty said...

I am so thrilled about the car. Jesus has enough power to do anything, provide anything that we need!!
I am excited for Lydia to have that money. I believe God laid that money right in her pathway to bless her.
God is so creative in His blessings!
Love Ya,

jen said...

You just don't know the joy I feel when I see your family driving around in that car. We are so blessed to have your husband as our pastor. Oh yeah we like you a little bit too.

Unknown said...

I am so happy for you & Pastor G to have that car. God is soooo good. The look on Lydia's face that day was worth the price of admission to the park. She is such a sweety. God loves you all so much. said...

That's great that George has a new car! Though I must admit I shed a tear over the little pickup. Lotsa memories....

Cecelia said...

It's true we will all miss Little Blue.However have gotten to see it every Sunday and Wednesday since he sold it bc Jim drives it to church !

Amy Guerino said...

Love the fascination of a young man with the truck. My little guy has some special needs as well....they come with special affections too. Found you through the Married to Ministry Blogroll.

Holli said...

(ahem) and YOU said that I need to update MY blog???