Friday, April 4, 2008

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Ok so it's God Stop Friday again. Well today has been my day for God Stops ! My family is facing some upcoming decisions. Life changing decisions I might add. Well my husband said to me the other day that we need to fast and pray over these decisions. I said ok I will pray but you can handle the fasting. Those of you that know me know how I mean that. Well this morning I woke up and God was impressing on me to fast. Believe it or not I did not argue, I did it. Of course the enemy started to fight me right away. On Wednesday and Friday my friend Jennifer stops to pick up breakfast for all of us that work Mother's Day Out. So she called this morning to get our order. I told her what Holli wanted and asked her to just get me an orange juice. I thought I will make it ok on O.J. and was expecting a small size. My good friend Jen ordered me a large and guess what girls it was the size of a Mickey D's Sweet Tea ! I was floored! That was a God Stop !
The next God Stop was that my BFF Patty called me this morning and we got to pray together over the phone. It was awesome ! She too had not eaten anything this morning so God had directed our prayer time together.
I had a great day but am still seeking God for clarity of direction.


jen said...

I was quite shocked at the size of the OJ myself. It was huge. You should have gotten your daily dose of vitamin c with no problem.

Patty said...

I am still in awe of the God directed prayer time this morning. I have an expectancy in my spirit! Praying Bold Prayers reaps BOLD answers!!! Amen!!

I praise God for your OJ. He takes care of His children!

Oh God, please manifest their answers this weekend!! In Jesus name, Amen!
Love Ya,

Unknown said...

Why is fasting always so slow? I love you & am thankful for such faithful friends for you as Jennifer and Patty. I, too, am praying for the Lord to give CLEAR answers to His other favorite daughter. I love you! (hope you're scratching!!!!)