Sunday, May 18, 2008

God Stop Friday.....a little late

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OK I have been waiting to post for a week......and now I am even later ! Oh goes.
God truly is a good God that love to give us delights. He cares about the smallest details in our lives. And for this I give Him thanks !!
I was in our local Food Lion store just browsing, picking up a few items. I came across some of my BFF Patty's favorite bacon. Its the Center Cut kind in the really nice package. We NEVER buy this bacon because I am very frugal sometimes when it comes to certain groceries. Well....the store had 15 or so packages of this bacon marked down to $1.29, that's right I said $1.29. Cool right, it gets better. I got about 4 packs of it because it was a great price and I could freeze it to use later. I went on up to the bacon section and there were $1 off coupons for this brand of bacon. Anyway long story short......I got the bacon for .29 ! And yes I got a total of 10 packages of bacon !! Ten packs of bacon for $2.90 OMG !!!!! All I can say is..........DELIGHT ! DELIGHT ! Oh and by the way I also think that was God's little way of saying "Bacon is Good ! Eat up ! "


Patty said...

How awesome is this!!! Awww my favorite bacon.God is good!!! That was like me last week at Kroger with the chicken wings. They had packs of it marked down to 1.70 a pack and I bought every pack they had and praised God while I was doing it!!! Jesus says it's all good because He blesses it!!
Love You,

jen said...

Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birhday

Holli said...

Love you!!!!!!!!!! and i hope you had a good birthday!