Sunday, June 1, 2008

What A Blessing

Tonight at church we had a wonderful service ! We had a concert and it was awesome ! Kenna Turner West sang. Oh my goodness girls, she was great. I was told it was going to be Southern Gospel and I must honestly say I was not real excited about that. I am a contemporary music girl myself and I used to like some Southern gospel but got tired of it.
Our family arrived at the church early (of course we did, we are the Preacher's family), and Kenna was already there getting ready for tonight. Scott, the deacon in our church that had gotten Kenna booked , took me in to meet her. She and I immediately bonded. We only spoke for a couple of minutes. Did you ever meet someone who you felt like you had known forever and would love to just sit and chat with.......well that is Kenna. She just blessed your heart !
And have mercy the girl could sing. I loved every song that she sang. She had me laughing, praising God and yes even crying a time or 2. I know it was a miracle, I actually shed a few tears. She told a story and sang a song about her deceased Grandma who had battled Alzheimer's Disease. We had the tissues going, let me tell you.
After that song she sang one called "I'm A Mom". It was hilarious. It was sooooooo true and would be loved greatly by all you Mama's out there. I am going to try to figure out how to post it so you can hear it. Kenna said it was ok for me to do that.
Let me just tell you, if you ever have a need for someone to come sing at your church or event or retreat.....Kenna is the one. She certainly has the gift of encouragement and will just become your new best friend. She is precious.
She is the daughter of Ken Turner of the Blackwood Brothers and the daughter in law of the Late Dottie West. She lives in the Nashville area. Check out her website . You will be blessed.


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jen said...

Dana and I were crying too. She was incredible! You forgot the best part, where she called you out by name and gave you a free c.d. too funny