Friday, June 20, 2008

It's God Stop Friday Again!!

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Ok so I know I have missed several God Stop Friday's. All I can say is that life has been crazy. So this week I have had so many God Stop's that I just had to share a few. Here we go.....

Monday: It's time to start gathering Homeschool books for the Fall. My oldest will be in 10th grade (YIKES) in the fall. She needs Algebra 2. We use Saxon Math and last year I got a bargain of "only" spending $25 for her Math. Well this year God decided to show out even more. Holli and I went to McKays Used Books on Monday. I felt God leading me there...I really did. So anyway told Holli that I was heading back to the Homeschool Book section. She said ok and proceeded to the Young Adult Fiction section. I was on my way and encountered a section I had never seen before.....It said "Math". I said ok and went to look. There on the bottom shelf was a Saxon Math Algebra 2 book, it looked brand new and guess was $4 that's right $4. Oh and did I mention that I had $8 in book credit so I really didn't even pay anything for it !! Go God !!!!
Tuesday: I went to the Tri-Cities to work at my Petsmart stores. There is a Lifeway right next to the one in Johnson City. I needed to get my workbook for the Summer Siesta Bible Study. The shelf was empty ! I was a little dissappointed but God......I suddenly remembered there was a Lifeway in Kingsport which was my next stop on the Petsmart route. I found the book in Kingsport. Thank you Jesus !
Wednesday: This was business meeting night at our church. Let's just say the last several months have not been fun when it comes to business meeting. Well this business meeting was different. For the last few weeks there has been such a sweet spirit in the church. God is so good. At this business meeting we actually laughed and clapped and praised God. There was a motion made by one of our wonderful deacons to Re-Affirm our Homeschool Group and Mother's Day Out programs. Now there is a long story behind that which I will not go into but the whole group all 50-60 of them errupted in to applause when the motion was made. I was so blessed because I direct both of those programs and my husband ( our Pastor) oversees both programs. Needless to say the motion overwhelmingly passed. And yes there was applause again. God smiles on us when we choose to bless little children. Thank you Father for the love you have placed in the hearts of the people of Magna View for Children.
Thursday: Oh My Gosh Thursday !!! Satan tried so hard to steal the joy of the day from me but he failed miserably ! In your face satan, you are defeated ! Ok on with the post.... The big good event of the day was that my family and I got to come up to Murfreesboro to visit my BFF Patty. Yes I am sitting in her living room eating my scrambled eggs that my fav Greek gurl prepared.....thanks Georgia, as I post.
Last night we went to eat at Red Lobster with Patty and her family and Joy and Derrick (our former music minister that relocated to this area) and their beautiful new baby girl Tybee !
I started off the meal by eating 4 count 'em 4 cheese biscuits ! I continued the glorious meal with a Caeser salad and then had Fire Grilled Lobster and Shrimp...Girls I was in heaven. Patty took some pics and one or both of us will post those later.....get ready to laugh ! We had an awesome server named Maxx....she had it goin' on let me tol you. We decided not to have dessert at Red Lobster so............we went to the DQ Grill and Chill. I had the Chocolate Covered Strawberry Waffle Bowl Sundae ! Go have one you will not be dissappointed !
Today: I am chilaxin at Patty's....we may hit a few yard sales later, we may not. Either way we are having a good day. My Man and Barry (Patty's Brother) are golfing ! Life is gooooooood !
Be blessed my friends. I can't wait to see what God has done in everyone's life this week.


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Patty said...

I am really enjoying this post and all the God Stops you had this week!!

Yes, life is good. Red Lobster was amazing and Maxx is almost as good as Flergia. hehe
It was a great time with Joy and Derrick and Tybee!! We have to do this again and again and then again. LOL!!!

I am thinking we will go see a movie and plan on something for dinner. :o)

Love You,