Tuesday, July 1, 2008

(LATE)God Stop Friday and More !

I know this is 4 days late but I really wanted to share this. First of all last week was extremly busy. I worked at my merchandising dog/cat food job every day last week ! My wonderful hubby spent his day off Friday driving me around Chattanooga. Anyway back to the God Stop.
The major reason I wanted to post is this:
My youngest daughter Abigail (along with her sister Lydia) had earned some money by feeding a neighbor's cat while they were on vacation. Lydia is saving for an electric guitar and is about to get enough to buy one ! Abigail decided that she was going to buy herself a Fire Belly Toad. She went with me to one of my stores and bought one. She was also GIVEN a brand new 20 gallon aquarium to keep her frog in ! Does this girl have God's favor or what !!! We had to go to another store to buy crickets because the first store was out. So off we went and there she bought another Toad ! It is bright green and the first one was brown. We decided that she needed a container to keep the crickets in as well so later in the week I felt led to go into a thrift store, yes girls I was led by the Holy Spirit to go in this thrift store. Anyway we found a small plastic cage like you would keep hermit crabs in and it was very inexpensive, so now she has a cricket cage as well. We are really enjoying the toads. We put the cricket cage right beside the aquarium and when the toads are hungry they go stare through the glass at the crickets ! It is hilarious !

I also have a cute picture to post. On Saturday our church had Angel Food distribution. This is an awesome outreach ministry. If your church is not involved in it I urge you to check out the website and pray about being a host site. We have a great time of fellowship on distribution day. All of us bring our kids and they have a blast as well. Here is a picture of Baby Jay - Angel Food !!!


Unknown said...

God is so good to that little Rosemary Marie. And if I pay for Angel Food do I get a baby in the box???? He is too cute!

Gwen Oatsvall said...

i will pray for your sweet friend also ... I know God can heal any situation and our prayers don't really change Him they change us ... so glad we serve an awesome Savior !