Friday, July 25, 2008

God Stop Friday and More

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I just realized that I have not posted since July 1st. YIKES ! So not only will this be a God Stop Friday but an update of sorts.
Hubby has been on Vacation since July 14. My daughters made up a song about Daddy being on vacation and sang it to him as soon as church let out on Sunday night July 13. We have had a great time. I have had to work a few days but that is ok because I love my Merchandising Job !
On Thursday of last week we went to visit my BFF Patty and her crew. Thanks again go out to Jason for giving up his room for 3 nights ! Thanks Man for letting us invade your space !
Patty, Georgia and I went to the Christ Church Music Conference Concerts in Nashville and had a blast. Oh my goodness if you have never heard Christ Church Choir sing then you don't know what you are missing. They are awesome !
Another cool thing that happened was that I ran into a friend that I had not seen in years. In Nashville at the conference of all places. I was walking to get a refill on sweet tea for me and Patty and I heard this voice. I was thinking it sounded familiar, as I returned to my seat I heard the same voice say my name. I looked and it was my good friend Jan and her husband Michael. Michael is a Worship leader at a church in Ohio. They were attending the conference. We connected again on Friday after the conference and talked for a couple of hours. It is so good to reconnect with old friends and catch up. We could have talked for hours and hours more !
Our family attended church with Patty's crew on Sunday and had a wonderful time. It was their Pastor's 50th birthday celebration so we had cupcakes after service !! He brought a wonderful word from the WORD. It was a 2 parter and I so wanted to go back on Sunday night and hear the rest but we had to get on the road home. Someone (DH) missed his dog !
On Monday Tabitha and I traveled to the Tri-Cities to do some store visits. We also had to go to Wise, VA. I have been to Wise before but this time we went from Bristol to Wise instread of from Kingsport. Well 1st of all we discovered a Hardees that still serves Fried Chicken. It was a gift from God let me tell you. We were so hungry and it was soooooooo good. Oh and peach cobbler, mercy me it was gooooood ! We left the Hardees and continued on our way to Wise. I don't know if we took a wrong turn or what but we got lost. But God.....oh how I love those 2 words.....But God put 2 angels in our path in the form of road construction workers that placed us back on the right path. I was driving down the road and the 1st angel(construction worker) was waving us toward him and I mean he was cranking his arm he was waving so hard. I said to Tabitha, I think we need to go this way. So we did but then stopped and asked the 2nd guy how to get to Wise and he sent us up a ramp and on our way. We got there very shortly. When we were coming back that little construction area was gone ! I am telling you the truth. Now you can say it was in a place that we did not drive back by if you want but I know God put it there just so we could find our way !
Tuesday : We went to the Smoky Mountains for a picnic. We went to the Chimney's picnic area because there is a creek for George and the girls to play in. We had a great day, Abigail helped her Daddy grill hot dogs. They were scrumptious, mostly because Abigail told me that when she was helping Georgia grill that Georgia told her to pray over them before she cooked them. So she did. Ah, the power of prayer. We had Smores for dessert . Life is so much better when you add a little chocolate. After lunch George and the girls headed off down to the creek and Molly(the dog) and I stayed at the picnic area and took a nap. They played at the creek for a while and were getting ready to come back up to the picnic area and rest a while. Abigail and Lydia came running up and said "Mom, Daddy fell in the creek and hurt his arm, come quick !" He had fallen getting out when a rock that he was standing on shifted. He dislocated his shoulder. Off we went to the ER at St. Mary's Sevier County. We got there and they took him back really quickly because it was obvious how much pain he was in. They put him on a gurney in the hallway but he still got taken care of. A great big burly guy came and rolled him to X-ray. I could not go in so I called a few friends to let them know what was going on and to ask for prayer. He was in there a good 10 minutes and when they brought him out he said " Look honey I am healed ! " He was smiling and moving his arm. When he laid on the x ray table his shoulder went back into place. He does have to wear a shoulder stabilizer for several days but he is getting better every day.
The last 2 days we have been having a yard sale and have done pretty good. Vacation is almost over but it has been good. I love the refreshing of the LORD, when we take time to enjoy it.
Sorry for the lengthy post. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend !!!

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Patty said...

I am glad George is feeling better and hopefully you all can have a stress free weekend. I prayed over your yard sale and I am happy that you all did good!! God is Good! Liked the construction workers who helped you all find your way! Angels unaware. Yes ma'am.

I am glad you had a great time at the conference. LOVE the choir. I think we are going to church tonight. I can't wait to see what the pastor says about his "party". You may be able to catch the rest of the sermon online if you want to check it out.
This weekend is baptism services. I just rememebered that!! I may take a little film of it and post it later.
Have a great day!