Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pics I Promised Earlier

Here is Holli with her fav Lobster Pizza ! She loves it. Hope you enjoyed your day baby girl !

The birthday girl making a funny face ! Fifteen is such a mature age. LOL

This is what I had for lunch. Mmmmmmmmmmm, lovin me some endless shrimp ! I had a total of 40 shrimp. 1 order of the Cajun and 3 orders of Dry Scampi. I don't like the garlic on scampi, I like to dip it myself in drawn butter.

Ah yes, Drawn Butter shots again. No I didn't really drink it. You can read the history of drawn butter shots here.

This is the Titans game. I tried to get a pic of "Patty's Husband" but the teams kept hogging the camera ! LOL

This is Abigail with her new toy. I'm not sure what it is called but it turns into a huge ball thing.
She decided to put it on her head and get in her own little bubble ! LOL

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