Saturday, March 29, 2008

GodStop Friday ....on Saturday

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It's that time again, GodStop Friday ! I was glad to hear that it had been a quiet week for Patty because it has been a quiet week for me too. Although I have witnessed God working mightily all around me.
I had an awesome Easter beginning on Easter eve (the night before). My "adopted" kids had their first baby. If you go here you will see the beautiful little Miss Tybee. Please pray for Joy and Derrick as they leap head first into sleep-deprived parenthood. Pray for God to strengthen them every day !
On Monday me and my friend Tabitha and I headed up to the Tri-Cities to do the merchandising job that we have together. As we were leaving our 3rd and final store we grabbed our purses out of the trunk of her car. She did not know it but her wallet fell out of her purse. Now she had already had a rough day and this only added insult to injury. But God....(those are my favorite words to type so I'm going to type them again)...But God.... had other plans, plans to prosper and not to harm Tabitha, plans to give her hope and a future ! (Jer. 29-11)
Tabitha realized her wallet was missing when an angel of the LORD (or so appointed as one that day) called Tabitha and told her that she had found her wallet. This wonderful lady also told Tabitha that she would send it back to her. Well bless God she did just that, she even FedExd it to Tab. Praise God !
I also have been blessed with a new opportunity to have another part-time job so as to help provide financially for my family. God brought this opportunity right on time and I praise him for it. He has and will continue to be my strength !
Oh well maybe it has not been such a quiet week after all. Be blessed my friends and I can't wait to see what God is going to do this week !


Patty said...

Great God Stops!! Yes, nuber 8 and new beginnings! I love His sense of humor!! I am also praising God for returning Tabitha's wallet!!

He is GOOD!!

p.s. we bought a PS3 yesterday. We have Blu-Ray!! You won't believe the difference. Holly would love watching POTC on it. I had Barry rent POTC 3 today. :o) Well, I am off to Target or Kroger. Have a great Saturday.

Unknown said...

I keep telling you I am Daddy's favorite....SEEEE!!!! There's the proof. :)