Monday, August 4, 2008

Me and my kiddos gettin all ready, gettin all ready for school !

Perhaps some of you are familiar with the song "Me and my Teddy, gettin all ready, gettin all ready for school ! This song was made popular at our house by a large, purple dinosaur back when the kids were younger....much younger. Anyway, we started school here at Miller Family Academy on Friday. I have the kids start August 1st so they can be done by the first week of May.

The kids didn't fuss too much and they really do seem to be enjoying their new cirruculum. The girls have always used the Lifeway devotionals that are age appropriate for them. They love using them everyday and can't wait to get their new one each month. They are going to continue to use them this year but we are going to do something else as well. Our Pastor, also known as Daddy in our house, is offering a scripture memorization class at church. He wants our family to participate so we are going to. We are both excited and nervous, hiding God's Word in our hearts is a wonderful and necessary thing in the life of a Christian, however the act of actually memorizing it is a not such an easy task. It will be fun and challenging !
We have now completed 2 days of school only 178 left to go !!!!

Blessings ,

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