Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mama I'm Scared of the Storm. Can I get in your bed ?

That is the words that I heard at 3:26 am this morning from my daughter Abigail. About 10 seconds earlier I had heard a clap of thunder and a saw a flash of lightening. I knew I would be hearing footsteps, I just wasn't sure how many sets of feet I would hear.
Abigail crawled up in between me and her Daddy (who never woke up). As soon as she settled in it thundered again and here comes Molly. She is my youngest but also 4 legged ! Molly is our dog.
Now granted she always sleeps at the foot of the bed but she was scared of the storm as well. Abigail grabbed one of my hands and Molly put her head in my other one. Molly is a rescue so we wish at times she could tell us of her adventures when she lived on her own. I wonder if that has anything to do with her fears but also with her unconditional love. She is very sweet....enough about Molly, back to the storm.
As I was laying there with Abigail and Molly seeking shelter and comfort with me I was reminded of Our Heavenly Father. I thought of the verse that talks about how He shelters us under His wings, how He gathers us close to Him. I picture a Mother Eagle in her nest with her hatchlings gathered up under her wings, safe, warm, sheltered.
It made me wonder....What if instead of standing in the middle of our life storms we immediately ran God and drew close to him ? Would the storm be over quicker, would we be able to rest in the assurance of His presence, would we be able to stay calm in spite of the raging storm around us ? Hmmmmmm, a lot to think about.
In case you are wondering, I did get back to sleep but it did take a little while as I pondered. Hopefully the next time I am faced with a storm, God will hear my footsteps as I run to Him, crawl up next to Him and hold His hand and maybe even lay my head in the other hand.
Praise You Father ! You are not only the Maker of the Storm, You also calm the storm !


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Unknown said...

This storm was a major event in my house, too. I, however, didn't feel afraid. I just couldn't go back to sleep. So I got up and had a rockin' quiet time with our Father. I felt the storm was a perfect time while my babes and DH were sleeping to have some uninteruppted one on one with God.

And, yes, Molly is very sweet!