Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day today. I must say it was a good day. Not just because I got Godiva, yes Godiva chocolate but God has just taken some huge burdens off our shoulders. My beloved said he had a wonderful day as well.
This is the first Valentine's Day that our oldest Holli has had a sweetheart and I must say a pretty smart one at that. Not only did he get Holli a huge and I mean huge teddy bear and chocolate, he also got the whole family chocolate !! He is workin it for sure. He got me Hershey Pot of Gold, my 2 younger daughters each their own solid chocolate heart and my husband got a Giant size Snickers ! This young man is smart ! Well he is homeschooled after all.
All in all it has been a great day. Once again I say God is good all the time and all the time God is good !




Patty said...

Happy Valentine's Day, again!! Go George with the Godiva!! I picked up a box at Barnes and Noble the other day and it reminded me of you!! Savor the candy girlfriend and don't let anyone at it!! Tell Tyler he forgot someone. LOL!! Just kidding.
I am so excited about the things God is doing for your family. He works in ways we would never think of and yet with the two of us He has such a sense of humor. Barry is excited. ;o)
We behaved and God is going to honor that!! Watching the news and the next tax free day falls on Easter weekend!
Just think you and Jennifer will be here next Friday!! I have a few new dishes I am going to try. We are ready to play Phase 10 and whatever else we decide to do. Tell Jen to bring a pillow and a blanket. Just want to make sure I have enough. Also, we need to start praying for good weather!!
Have a great weekend. Call me!

Unknown said...

Of course he's smart. Would you want an uneducated hillbilly for your daughter?

Wait, let's pursue this for a moment, shall we? I can just see it now - a giant Ford Bronco 4x4 jacked up 16 feet into the air, out pops a 400 pound Bubba, butt-crack-disease and all, coming to your front door sayin' "Hey Maw, I'm here to get Holli."

I bet you'd have a coronary on the spot, and good ole Bubba would have scatter-shot all in his backside as he retreated for his beloved Bronco.

Nah, that ain't Tyler by no means. He learned from his Daddy.

Average Joe said...

Dude, you need to update this thing.