Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I let her cross the state line !!!!! YIKES

My daughter Holli went with her BF Tyler and his family to Middlesboro, KY this afternoon to see a movie. See you may be thinking why did she go there, well because it only costs $1.50 to get in to the movie over there ! They went to see "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything." It is a great movie and we actually got to see it as a sneak preview a few months back. (Thanks imommies)
I asked Holli how it went and she said she had fun. She gave me the "details" of which there were none to be ashamed of or upset with her about. I am so thankful to have such a Godly young lady. I am also thankful that she had a BF that is so respectful of her. But no worries, I ain't stupid and I know how 17 y/o boys think so they will ALWAYS either be accompained by his mom or me or one of the Dads. It also helps to know that Holli respects herself and would knock any boy out that tried to cross the line with her.
Well anyway Tyler told me I needed to update my blog so here is the update. Now I await his comment.


Average Joe said...

No comment

Unknown said...

Your Holli and my Tyler have been raised in similar homes. I've always tried my best to teach him not only to have respect for members of the opposite sex, but to also have respect for himself. And, thus far, he has made me nothing but p-r-o-u-d.

And if I were hand-picking a potential mate for him from a field of candidates, I honestly believe I'd pick Holli based solely on her personal belief system and the fact that she has tremendous self-respect. You & George have done a tremendous job in rearing a Godly young woman.

On a side note, following the unrelated events that transpired here at the house while they were away at the movies, I have advised Tyler that, since we aren't guaranteed a tomorrow, that if he has something that he needs/wants to say to someone important to him, then he needs to not left it unsaid. Please don't view this as my attempt to push him one way or the other, I just strongly feel that if there are things that need to be said, then it's best to go ahead and get them out in the open, because you may never have that chance again on this side of Heaven.


Unknown said...

well, i'm glad i have such a good friend, and friends mom. :) glad ur days have gone well

Patty said...

Speaking as Holli's other mom I must say that I am proud of Holli and her integrity. She is a sweet young lady and I have been with this family many years and have watched her grow into a godly young woman. My two sons look at her as their sister and would protect her from anyone who would try and hurt her in anyway. Don't worry Tyler because I am not talking specifically to you! :o)
I am proud of our children. I think all of our children should respect themselves and for those who don't my Jason, he as enough respect for himself and loves himself more than any of us. LOL!!
Just as Cecelia, Jason is the son she never had.
I still want to meet and talk with Tyler. I am happy that he respects himself and Holli and God would have it no other way.
As I tell everyone, there is no greater relationship you can have than the one with Jesus! He alone is Worthy and if we keep Him in the center of our relationships down here, we are honoring HIM!

See you in two more days!!!

Unknown said...

I love the fact that you all are my friends and my children's friend's parents. I am just blessed to be part of this crew.