Saturday, February 23, 2008

It's SNOWING !!!! In Murfreesboro that is

Well it's Saturday morning and I slept great last night. Today in the boro we are going to do some shopping, see a movie and eat at Dead Lobsta ! Yeah Baby ! Don't worry I will eat enough cheese biscuits for ALL of us.
Now back to the snow. It is not laying on the ground ...yet, but there is still hope ! LOL
Jiffener and I would not be so disappointed if we got snowed in, our families on the other hand .....well they would have to cope.
I will try to post some pics later. Have a blessed day !



Average Joe said...

I wish this winter would end.

Cecelia said...

You only wish that because you have to chop wood !

Average Joe said...

can you blame me?

Unknown said...

no i can't blame him at all. that and i've been burning up all day.

Unknown said...

Hey, it's Thursday almost. Doncha think it's time for a little update??? Need to lay off the shopping so you can have more online time. Get with it, already!