Monday, October 8, 2007

I Love Coupons !!

Everybody loves coupons right ? Well I am reminded of a story of last Christmas. As some of you know my BFF Patty and I and a couple of others loooooove to go out on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) to shop. Last year we were out very early and I mean early. Well there was a certain Little People toy that my youngest daughter wanted and 1 store had it advertised. When we got to that store it was gone ! Oh NO! What was I going to do ! Well I ended up after much fretting going on the Fisher Price website and they had it at the same price !! Even better I got free shipping using a coupon code and then I got $10 off using another coupon code !! Woo-Hoo ! I got her what she wanted and more !
Now the reason I was reminded of this is that Everybody Loves Coupons is having a contest. Go here to get all the details and enter to win a Wii !


Patty said...

I hope you win this for the girls!! May God give you favor in this contest!!!

Patty said...

I tagged you for something, visit my blog to see what it is!

Patty said...

When is this contest over? I can't remember?

Cecelia said...

The contest ends on October 31st.