Saturday, October 20, 2007

Update on the Hallooween Costume

Ok ladies (and any lurking gentlemen) here is an update on my hallooween costume. If you read my meme and the comments you know that I have been talking with Jennifer about dressing up like Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth for hallooween. Well my husband will not agree to be Dog or Beth. Another guy at church asked me if it was ok if he dressed up like the Dog. I said sure. He had already found a costume online but had not ordered it yet. So I decided to be Beth instead of Dog. I set about today getting my costume together.
We had a church yard sale for VBS today and as we were packing up the leftovers I ran across a bag of Bras. So I looked inside and found a 48DDD, that's right a 48DDD! My head would fit in one side of it, now granted I have a small head but not that small ! So my question is do you think that is big enough ? After all Beth is one blessed woman ! LOL
The rest of my costume (right now) consists of a sleeveless top, a pair of turquoise leggings, pink flowered heels and a blonde wig. I still need fake eyelashes and I am thinking of making a different shirt. I don't like to spend a lot of money on costumes so I am open to any creative suggestions that you might have. I will do my best to post pictures post hallooween !
I almost forgot to tell you I will be sporting this outfit at our church trunk or treat that we host every year. Last year we had about 300 kids come through. It is an awesome outreach to the community. We may however have to offer counseling for any emotional damage that my costume does ! LOL I just hope I don't scar someone for life !


Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Dog and Beth...that's got to be the best idea i've heard yet! :)

Thanks for entering the giveaway at my blog! ;)


Unknown said...

I am already scared, but if you are Beth, you have to also get some long-long press on nails. You know you do. :) And they need to be RED. You are so funny! I am still amazed that George won't dress up like Dog for you.

Cecelia said...

Actually Tabitha I orginally wanted George to be Beth and I was going to be the Dog !! He most certainly would not agree to that ! LOL

Brooke said...

That is hilarious!!!! Please take pictures!!!!