Friday, October 5, 2007


My man is on his way home even as I type from a mission trip to Pass Christian, Mississippi. Woo-Hoo !!! My girls and I have worked our backsides off this week to clean and I mean really clean the house ! He loves a clean house and lets just say I lack in the desire to clean ! So with all the stress that has been in his life lately I decided and God motivated me to get this done this week. My girls have been great and they have worked so hard ! I am so proud of them.
Well he should be calling soon to say he is getting close, I better go dab some Pine Sol behind my ears !!! LOL Oh and Patty I already lit the "Clean Linen" candle !




Patty said...

First, I am SO proud of you and the girls!! You all get A+++++ for cleaning the house. It looked great!!! I love your girls!!! I should say they are my girls, too. I think Pine Sol needs to give a case or a year supply to your hubby. They should know it keeps a family strong. LOL. I wish those reading could understand what we are saying but some things need to be kept between best friends. ;) Did he like the bedspread? I thought it was beautiful. Have fun tomorrow and GO VOLS!!!!

Patty said...

In my quiet time this morning God gave me this: Ps. 94, please read this in the Message. You will understand what it applies to. Now, this was a giddy up moment! :o)