Tuesday, March 4, 2008

7 Weird Things About Me

Just 7 ? Ok I guess seven is plenty. My BFF Patty tagged me for this meme. I have to do a little thinking because what I might think is normal might actually be weird. Let me see.......

1. I love to watch Dr. Phil . I haven't gotten to watch it as much lately but there have been times when I would say what time it is by using Dr. Phil's show time. Example...15 til Phil, 10 after Phil etc. You get the picture.

2. I am known for my sneezes. I sneeze really loud. So loud in fact that my husband can locate me in the mall if I sneeze. Which leads to the next weird thing...

3. I use cloth diapers instead of tissue to blow my nose. I know weird but it really works great. I hope this doesn't gross you out but my close friends and family know that I refer to these as my "snot rags". Sorry if I grossed you out but you are reading a post about weird things ! LOL

4. I love to make up songs about everything. Really life is a song at the Miller house. We sing and sing and sing. Crazy stuff. I also love to sing really loud and really off key. It is fun and it drives my kids crazy.

5. I have to have my Sunday afternoon nap. It is a necessity !

6. I don't like to hug. It makes me itch ! I am not a girly girl and when most women are going "ahhhhhhhhhh how sweet " over something I am usually looking for a trash can to throw up in !
It really grosses me out.

7. I LOVE to watch football. Especially the TN Vols ! My kids know to leave me alone when the Vols are on TV. I plan my Saturdays in the Fall around the Vols schedule.

Ok now I will tag Tabitha, Holli and Scotty Rogers (Tyler's Dad). Alright ya'll get on with it !



Patty said...

How funny!! The sneeze is lethal. It can give a person heart failure if you aren't prepared for one of your sneezes.
Now I know you aren't a girly girl but I do know some things get to you and I will take it to the grave girl!! LOL!! HUGS, well for you it depends on the person and the situation. Your selective with your hugs. Now if it's an animal you are totally different. heehee
You mean planning life around the VOLS schedule is weird? Here in Tennessee we are considered normal. :o)
Thanks for playing!!
BTW...I truly feel you will get good news soon....
Love Ya,

Unknown said...

You are weird about the itching thing....but I like that you don't like air fresheners!!!! :)

jen said...

Oh yes I am quite familiar with those sneezes. They have scared the crap out of me on more than one occasion.

Holli said...

i already know all this stuff about you b/c i live with you. hey mabey that's the other weird thing about me. lol (just kidding)

Unknown said...

well, ur not weird in my opinion. ur unique. and didn't know bout the sneezes...maybe i should pay more attention...nah :) well i enjoyed the post