Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday God Stop

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Ok, I sort of hesitate to post this one b/c I don't want Tyler to get the big head or anything but here goes anyway. This week Holli's bf Tyler along with his Dad and younger brother went to Georgia to visit Tyler's Grandfather and do some work. Anyway on Wednesday Tyler was in a car accident. Another vehicle ran a red light and hit the vehicle that Tyler was riding in on his side. The GodStop is that he was not hurt. Well it bruised his shoulder but it could have been a lot worse. So I do praise God for protecting Tyler.
Another GodStop is that God has provided a lot of opportunities for me in the last few weeks to make some extra money. I really praise God for that because He had provided for us.
Last of all I am still waiting but the GodStop here is that God is continually speaking to me through His Word to let me know that He has not forgotten, I need only to wait on His timing.
Have a blessed Easter !!


Patty said...

You forgot to tell me about Tyler but I praise God with you that he wasn't hurt.
Praising God for providing for your needs. Remember a lesson I taught on God superadding to our needs? He always give us more so we can bless others.
Lastly, Everything in His timing but I believe it's close. As I was out and about this warm Spring day and looking at the pretty trees in full bloom I thought of you all and how Spring is a new beginning, everything brand new. We serve a resurrected God and the same power that raised Jesus from the dead can do the same for you!
As Jesus said to the deaf and mute man, OPEN UP.... May God open the right door and close all couterfeit doors and may people in your live encourage you instead of being mad when God moves in your situation!!

Shari said...

What blessings you had this week. Praise God that Tyler was not hurt and that He is providing the money that you need.

Kelley said...

I just wanted to stop by and tell you that I love your name! I have a daughter named Cecelia and it was my Grandmother's name too. We even spell it the same way you do. Have a Happy Easter!!