Friday, March 7, 2008

It's Friday !!

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Ok everybody its Friday again. My GodStop for this week is...God answered a prayer and it totally caught me off guard.
My husband and I have been waiting and waiting for an answer or just some guidance in a certaion matter. So I called my BFF Patty and said "I don't know what God is up to but I wish He would tell us something. So Patty and I prayed over the phone right then and asked God if His will was what we thought it was then to please let us now the next day. Well guess what ! The mail came and there was a letter, an unexpected letter but a letter. I am sorry I can't go into detail but just believe me when I say it was a HUGE Godstop !

Ya'll have a great weekend ! Keep and eye out for Godstops !




jen said...

Gee! I guess that is a great God stop. Good for you, (said wirh a hint of sarcasm)

annette said...

I love it when God knows we are DESPERATE for a Word from Him. Great GodStop. Thanks for sharing this. Bless you, annie

Patty said...

Hello my BFF!! YES, God answered and I know He loves to surprise His children. It's okay to have the reaction we had, one of shock and WOW, look at that!!It's snowing here, finally. It's coming down hard and there is ice all over the patio. I bet you all get this tomorrow!! Go play in the snow and let's pray again on the phone and I have something else to ask God concerning this GodStop! Thank you God for answered prayer. An Immediately!

Love Ya,