Sunday, March 23, 2008

I'm A Grandma !! Well Sort of....

Isn't she pretty ! This is Tybee Lin and her beautiful Mommy Joy. Tybee was born very early on Easter Sunday ! Our "adopted" kids gave birth to this precious one. We actually "adopted" Joy as a college student to be her home away from home and we got Derrick in the deal. So they became our kids. They got married 5 years ago and 2 of our girls were in their wedding. Well now they have this beautiful blessing.
Derrick called us Saturday evening and said Joy was in labor. We jumped in the van and got down to the hospital. Once we were there my hubby knew I wasn't leaving until Tybee arrived.
Joy and Derricks parents were anxiously awaiting as well. Long story short....I got to stand outside the door with the 2 Grandmas and Joy's Aunt and we got to hear Tybee's first cry. How precious to hear that arrival announcement! What a gift from God on Easter. Praise you Father ! Well here are a few pics. Enjoy !
We think Tybee is lifting holy hands in this one. Getting ready for Praise and Worship !

Look at this sweet little family. Aren't they precious.

I think Daddy is a little proud of his little one !


Unknown said...

I got tears in my eyes when I saw the three of them together. Weird, since I am not a cryer. I am so happy for them. They are going to be such good and Godly parents. They have so much of the love of God in them that it just pours out and it is a joy to be around them both. Congrats! Granny! You couldn't have adopted a sweeter family!

Holli said...

they is so CUTE!!!! i cant wait to get to hold her!! btw when will that be???

Patty said...

I decided to comment finally! Joy and Derrick have always been special to me and my boys. I am so happy for them and please someone congratulate me, I am after all the Aunt! heehee

I am excited that they will be near us. :o)

Love Ya,

Unknown said...

congrats patty! :0) well she is one pretty baby. i'm so happy for them