Friday, September 21, 2007

Duke: Rest In Peace

Today is a sad day at the Miller house. We had to make the terrible decision to put our dog Duke down. He was 12 years old and not doing well at all. His hair was falling out on his back. He had arthritis very bad and cried when he had to scratch. He was also blind and had lost his hearing. He loved to visit our neighbors and eat their dogs food and leave a "tithe" of it in front of their carport door. They just didn't appreciate the generosity of the Preacher's Dog. They insisted that we keep him chained up and we knew that was not a life that Duke would and could tolerate at his age. So as a family we decided it would be best if we had him put to rest.
I went to work this morning and my husband had to come by on his way to take Duke. I went around to the passenger's side of the truck and Duke was just laying in the floor. He wasn't trying to get out or even get up in the seat. He was just laying there. I think he knew and that he was ready. I bid him farewell and told him to tell Topper (Patty's deceased dog) and Sinatra(our deceased cat) hello.
We will miss Duke but our family believes that we will see him again in heaven someday !
Duke (originally of York Street; Bulls Gap, TN) March 1995-Sept. 21, 2007


Patty said...

I am going to miss Dukie!! Our animals are like our babies. Sometimes more behaved than our children.LOL. Well, Daisy isn't well behaved at all but she is sporting a new pink diamond studded collar and she is nothing but a tomboy to the core. She decided to play ALL night long and kept us up way after midnight.

Tell the girls I am praying for them and I love them.

Wonder what Duke, Topper, Sinatra are doing? :o)

Unknown said...

Kiss the girls for me & let them know they are loved. I will also pray for you and Pastor George.

Nise' said...

Stopped by via Fall Into Reading. So sorry about the loss of your beloved pet! We experienced it earlier this year.

PS: Love the name of your blog (check out what mine is named).