Friday, September 28, 2007

Road Trip !

Today my friend Jennifer and I will be traveling to Columbia, TN for the TBC Choral Connection. We are taking our 2 daughters, Lydia and Hannah. Let me just tell you that they are both 100% girl, both middle children and both can be high maintenence ! YIKES ! They are soooooooo excited. They will be making a CD with kids from all over TN. It's going to be fun!
Please pray for us as we travel. A big shout out goes to those of you out there that helped provide for the trip.


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Patty said...

You all have fun!! Behave and I told Jennifer to "interpret" for you. :o) She called last night and said her outfit fit and she loved it and it got two snaps from Garry. LOL!! Barry would like to know if you would cut his hair this weekend? I guess Sunday? I will be at the Greek Festival all day tomorrow and believe me there will be a story there!! I will be praying for you and have a great time at the "dead" Lobster.