Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Why we Fight 2 inspired by

I know we don't pray to humans but hearing this little girl say the things to her Father that was killed on 9/11 that she can't say to him in person made me realize how many children lost so much on that day.
This morning on Regis and Kelly they showed a picture of a little girl who never met her Father because she was in her Mother's womb on 9/11.
Please remember these precious families today and pray that they will feel an extra special touch from their Heavenly Father God.



Patty said...

I love the video you chose. God knows us in the womb as he did this child who would never know her father. Praise God He is a Father to the Fatherless!!

Holli said...

i am glad that u put this clip. i wasn't even watching it and i was near tears. it shows us that many families r still hurting from 9/11