Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tomatoes, Tomatoes Everywhere

Here is how I spent my morning and most of my afternoon yesterday. I had 10 boxes of Yellow tomatoes to start with. I was blessed by a friend that had more than she needed. I love when God provides. He really meant that exceedingly abundantly thing ! I had so many that I was able to share with church folks as well.

From the box to the sink to get washed before getting squashed !
Now to the tomato squasher. This part took a while but it is easer than what I used to have. All I have to do with this is quarter the tomatoes and turn the handle. It seperates the juice and pulp from the seeds and skins.

Now time to cook it down; add a little salt and sugar to prepare for going in the jars.
The finished product. I still have several to go but I had an interruption in the afternoon and I didn't get to finish yet. I can't wait to use some of these to make spaghetti sauce and white chili ! I love Fall !


Patty said...

Keep up the good work girl!! They look orange on your blog. LOL!!! What happened in the family meeting last night? I'll talk with ya later. Have a great co-op!!


Unknown said...

I want some of that juice! It does look orange :) Does everything you touch turn orange???