Sunday, September 9, 2007

Time to head home

We went to church with Dori this morning and it was such a powerful service. We celebrated the Lord's supper. After we finished they played a video from the Passion of Christ and it was awesome. If you have never seen that movie, it is a must see. It took us through His beating (by His stripes we are healed), His Crucifixion (by His death on the cross we are saved if we believe in Him) and then to His ultimate Resurrection(Praise you God for your Mighty Power) ! Then we sang Jesus Paid it All. Then a hush fell over the whole place. You could feel the presence of God in that place.
This precious church just lost a young member to cancer. Today they will lay him to rest and celebrate his life here on this earth. Please remember his precious wife and 3 year old child as they grieve the loss of their beloved Husband and Daddy. God please hold the close in your arms today and in the days to come. They can rejoice however in the fact that they know he is whole in the presence of God today. Praise you Father !
Well I smell Dori's wonderful roast so I think it is lunch time !! More on the conference to come!


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